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Jennifer & Sarah. 2010 winner of the Manhattan Arts International "Healing Power of Art" Exhibit, Best in Photography category. Award winner of the National Association of Children's Hospitals 2003 / 2006 national touring photographic exhibit.



Photographer John Zeuli (center) with newlyweds
Jen and Dan. See "Weddings" for more wedding photos.

Andrew Vachss, author and relentless child advocate.
"Keepers of the Spirit" portrait exhibit, under "Exhibits." 
More photos under "Individuals."

Johnnie, American Cancer Society. "Relay for Life" &
"Keepers of the Spirit" Portrait Exhibits, under

Harry Crews, author and Hemingway Award recipient.
"Keepers of the Spirit" portrait exhibit, under "Exhibits."
More photos under "Individuals."

Brittany Hatch of “America’s Next Top Model.”
More photos under “Individuals”.

Stratton Leopold, prolific Hollywood film producer.
Participant in “The Wisdom Exhibit” & “The Spirits Masquerade Ball”
under “Exhibits”. More photos under “Individuals”.

Tears of Joy. More photos under “Weddings”.

JR Roberts Security. More photos under “Individuals”

Russell Targ: Scientist, author, publisher. Co-founder of the US Intelligence Community’s Remote Viewing (psychic spying) program.

John Zeuli savannah, ga maxine swan
Author Maxine Swann is a recipient of the Cohen Award, Q. Henry Award, Pushcart Prize and co-founder of the Mueenabad Scholarship Fund. Ms. Swann is a participant in my "Keepers of the Spirit" Portrait Exhibit

Ellen Burstyn: Actress, Academy & Tony Awards recipient.

I'm glad you discovered me!

People are the Heart and common denominator of my work. A typical week may include photographing a newborn, a family, a pregnant mother, an author or conducting a tutorial. In addition, ad agencies, organizations and individuals frequently commission me to create portrait exhibits.

My photography has been displayed at the United Nations, the US Capital Rotunda and other national venues and has been featured in numerous publications. I serve clients nationwide. Overseas requests typically require several weeks notice.

My Style

I believe good photography has "Heart," in that it reflects the Spirit within. To this end, my photography is vibrant, compelling and authentic in the sense that it feels real. When I do my best work, the subjects catch a glimpse of their Spirit reflected within the images.

Photography with Heart does not merely document our lives, it affirms it. It may be a heroic struggle with an illness or celebrating life's transitions such as birth, graduations, marriage, even death. Photography with Heart can reflect us at our best and serve as a catalyst for our growth.

Being selected as your photographer is a privilege and an honor. I will provide compelling images you and your loved ones will cherish.

Nicole and Cade.

Coleman Barks, author, poet & Rumi translator.
Recipient, Juliet Hollister Award, Temple
of Tolerance, New York. More photos under
"Individuals" and "Keepers of the Spirit" Portrait
Exhibit, under "Exhibits."

Bride Jennifer Thornbury. More photos under “Weddings”.

Groom Brandon Campbell and Flower Girls

Mohammed, community leader and inspirational figure.
“Keepers of the Spirit” portrait exhibit.

More photos under "Body & Soul.""


Kathy. More photos under “The Sensual”.

Orson Scott Card. author, poet, awarded the Bram Stoker Award,
World Fantasy Award, and International Horror Guild Award.
Keepers of the Spirit Portrait Exhibit. See more under individuals.

Peter Straub: author, poet, and recipient of the Bram Stoker Award,
World Fantasy Award, and International Horror Guild Award.
Keepers of the Spirit Portrait Exhibit. See more under individuals

Larry Dossey, MD, Author, medical visionary, researcher. Keepers of the Spirit Portrait Exhibit. See more under individuals.