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During the past 20 years my photography has encompassed Olympic Gold Medalists, numerous film stars and authors, as well as photographing families within the comfort of their homes.  My work has been collected by major institutions and has been displayed throughout the country, including the US Senate and the United Nations.  My portrait exhibits have been commissioned by prominent institutions and corporations.   The Weave a Dream Exhibit is on permanent display at the JC Lewis Health Center and The Wisdom Exhibitis on permanent display at Memorial Health Medical University.  “Traveling editions” of these and my other exhibits are periodically displayed at other major institutions.

I hold Bachelor and Master level degrees.  Prior to my photography career, I worked as a psychotherapist for ten years.


“John, the photographs are the most illuminating of my career.  Superb work!”
Harry Crews, Author


Philosophy & Style

The heart of my style is beauty.  But it might not be what you’re thinking.   

I’m a family, event and portrait photographer.  It’s fascinating work.  I’m invited into highly personal, profound moments of individuals’ lives; a graduation, a wedding, a family reunion, a birth.  I’ve even been privileged to document some individual’s “last days” and funeral.

A wide gamut of emotions passes before my lens; excitement, love, pride, even shame.  For some, the camera can trigger old memories and fears, such as, “I’m not attractive,” or “I’m too heavy.”  These insecurities have even been triggered in professional models.  What’s going on here?  What are we missing?

Beauty.  Inner Beauty.  We have forgotten our own and other’s unique, innate, inner beauty.  The good news is that what’s forgotten can be remembered.

I believe everyone possesses their own individual beauty.  Yes, we can try to hide it, mask it, be untrue to it and betray it.  No matter, it still shines through in unguarded moments. On one level it is simply incorruptible

These moments, of inner beauty radiating through is why I’m a photographer. It’s what I strive to capture in my work

To reflect this beauty, I’ve cultivated a unique, fluid style of photography.  Paradoxically, this fluid approach to photography is significantly more demanding to master and execute than the traditional, stiff, lifeless style that you commonly see.  My style entails a much broader and more refined skill set.  

I will do more than reflect your inner beauty.  I’ve studied long and hard to master a myriad of little known techniques to have you look your best.  This is truly an elaborate art and science onto itself.  Indeed, I would go as far as calling many of these techniques secrets. 

They are not secrets in the sense of not being known.  They are secrets in that most photographers have not been exposed to them. Few have seriously studied them.  Fewer still have worked and trained to actually translating and gracefully applying these disciplines to their photography.  Some of my secrets for creating fluid, beautiful images stem from fields as diverse as psychology, Neuro-linquistic Programming, systems theory, physiology, cognitive development and formal art theory.


“Thank you for the wonderful photos!!!  You do have the gift of capturing the spirit.”
Stratton Leopold, Film Producer


What does this mean for you?  It means the entire experience of being photographed will be easy, graceful and enjoyable.  I assess your facial features, skin tone, complexion, height, hair, body shape and numerous other unique characteristics. Taking all these factors into account, I then seamlessly tailor my photography so you look your best. In addition to looking great, you will be providing an enjoyable experience for your loved ones, as well as, creating beautiful memories.

 Who Trusts Me? 

Celebrities Erin Brockovich, George Foreman, Paula Deen, Al Roker, film stars Bill Murray, Matt Damon, Ellen Burstyn, Dixie Carter, Brittany Hatch of America’s Next Top Modeland Stephanie Edwards of American Idol, Spiritual Activist Sister Jose Hobday, Authors Orson Scott Card, Peter Straub, Harry Crews, Patricia Cornwell, Andrew Vachss, Coleman Barks, Pat Conroy, Michael Malone, Dean Radin, Russell Targ (co-founder of the CIA’s Remote Viewing Program), Maxine Swann, Stephanie Hoppen,  John Berendt of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Lady Chablis, Terry Kay, Aberjhani, Miriam Center, Natalie Dupree, Hugh Howard, Deborah Davis, Inga Garten (The Barefoot Contessa), Architect Moshe Safdie, Health pioneers Larry and Barbara Dossey,  Film producers Stratton Leopold and Andrew Meyer, Political consultants James Carville and Mary Matalin, Governor Sonny Purdue and Governor Roy Barnes, Olympic Gold Medalist Katarina Witt, ABC PresidentDavid Westin, Bryan T. Moss (President Emeritus of Gulfstream Aerospace) and numerous other high profile individuals and industry icons.

These individuals trust me with their image, their public persona.

In addition, a myriad of organizations trust me, including The American Cancer Society, SunTrust Bank, BB&T, The Alabama Credit Union, United Community Bank, Coastal Electric Cooperative, Marriot Hotels, Kessler Properties, Westin Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Travelers Insurance, The National Association of Hospitals, The Ogilvy Advertising Agency, New York Life, The Lymphoma Society, The Georgia Medical Society, Women in Business Expo, Gulfstream Aerospace, The Georgia Ports Authority, Memorial Health Medical University, The American Diabetes Association, The Economic Summit, Extraordinaire Magazine, GPS World Magazine, The Business Journal, The Anchorage Magazine, Marie Clair Magazine, The Savannah Magazine, The Savannah Morning News, The Gainesville Sun, Orlando Leisure Magazine, Something Blue Magazine, Bakus Children’s Hospital, Malaver, Inc., Sodexho, The Tourism Council, Northup Grumman, Eli Lilly, Pantheon Books and The American Diabetes Association.


“Thank you for the stunning photographs!  You are the only photographer I trust for my public images.”
Regina Thomas, Georgia State Senator


 Am I The Photographer For You?

Maybe, and maybe not.

My unique style is more natural, engaging, fluid, authentic and emotive than traditional photography. My core belief of seeing inner beauty and striving to reflect it is alien to much of the photography world. My photography is more than just a business for me.

How can you tell if I’m a good match for you? Easy. If you find yourself pulled into many of the images, touched, even moved by many of them, then we’re a great fit!


Next Step

Simply contact me to request a session.  I’ll provide you with various studio, in home, and other location options. Although I have a busy schedule, I make every effort to meet with clients at their convenience. However, I limit myself to a maximum of ten sessions a week and I now limit travel to four weeks a year for select, distant clients / projects.

My policy is first come, first serve.  The date goes to the first individual that commits by making a deposit.  I accept credit cards.


You and your loved ones will look great and the photographs will be full of life.  You will enjoy the experience and be providing beautiful memories for your loved ones.  I am so confident of this that I guarantee my work!  If you’re not ecstatically pleased and touched by the experience and images, you receive a 100% refund. It’s that simple.  I also guarantee to be your actual photographer

“Mr. Zeuli - Thank you for the copies of your photos.  You did things just as you promised you would, and I respect you for being a man of your word.  Stay strong!”
Andrew Vachss, Author

In Closing

You can find less expensive photograhers.  You can find more expensive photographers.  What you won’t find is a photographer who believes in the work as much as I do or who puts as much Heart into your images.

Being selected as your photographer is a privilege and an honor.  You’re entrusting me with significant, intimate moments of your life.  I will use my sensitivity, artistry and skills to provide compelling, heartfelt images you and your loved ones will cherish.   I will create beautiful memories and do excellent work for you.  You will receive sincere compliments with my work.


“Your work is beautiful!  I see so much spirit, activity and emotion.  I am just fascinated with your work.  Your photographs are art and that is rare.”
Debbie Cagle


Thank you for your consideration.


John Zeuli, MSW
Photographing From The Heart 

“Zeuli…is the rare portraitist who allows his subjects to radiate joy.”
Bill Dawers, The Savannah Morning News


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