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The Female as Spiritual Catalyst
john zeuli savannah, ga female as the spiritual catalyst

Buried deeply within humanity’s cultural and historical archives, women were once revered as being the cradle of Spirituality. Women were looked to as natural conduits, intermediaries, even catalysts for the Spirit. Not so today. While giant strides are being made, there has been a distinct historical tendency for some religious, political and cultural institutions to relegate women to a subservient, second class role. This runs the gamut from extremely subtle, nearly invisible discrimination to more profound social inequities and even violence. Intuitively, our collective unconscious knows this distorted stance toward women does not serve us. It weakens the fabric of humanity. We all lose.

The Female as Spiritual Catalyst Exhibit is not meant to disparage any gender, institution or culture. Indeed, my bias is that blaming others is counterproductive and even disempowering. It feeds into victimhood. I believe change begins at a subtle, personal level, ripples out and touches others. Eventually it becomes a powerful wave transforming systems that no longer promote the higher good. The fall of the Berlin Wall is a classic example of a system or mindset whose time had come and gone.

Ultimately, men and women will be viewed as Spiritual equals, not just in lip service but by an inherent, profound “inner knowing.” It will be so obvious that past inequitable paradigm will seem inconceivable. Until then, The Female as Spiritual Catalyst Exhibit celebrates the female as a powerful, Spiritual presence. The Exhibit powerfully depicts a woman serving as a Spiritual catalyst to another woman. The woman later serves as a catalyst for a male.

Enjoy The Female as Spiritual Catalyst Exhibit!

Project conception and coordination: John Zeuli
Models: Primary: Erin Morris, secondary, Patricia Buskirk and John Zeuli
Photography: John Zeuli Photography: primary John Zeuli, assistant photographer, Patricia Buskirk
Post production: John and Virginia Zeuli
Website & blog treatment: NetFUSION Studios
YouTube slide show: Patricia Amaral Buskirk Productions
Printing: PhotoMaster