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The Wisdom Exhibit
An Ongoing Evolving Project
Welcome to The Wisdom Exhibit!

We’re inundated with knowledge. With just a few clicks of our mouse we can access unprecedented amounts of data on nearly any topic. Each year the knowledge base seems to grow exponentially. Knowledge abounds, but where is the Wisdom?

My bias is that we all embody Wisdom. I believe our Hearts all contain a universal pool of Wisdom. I believe it’s our core, our essence. This Heart Wisdom is distinct from knowledge.

Knowledge is of the intellect. There’s nothing wrong with this. We use it to function daily. Wisdom, however, stems from the Heart. It is timeless, transcending knowledge and culture. We can choose to “muddy or pollute” this pool of Wisdom. We can turn from it and even forget it’s there. We can also choose to purify the pool, to clear the waters and immerse ourselves in it. The Wisdom Journal speaks to this Heart Wisdom.

The Project participants graciously shared of their time and Hearts with their contributions. While their Wisdom is highly personal, I believe on another level it’s also universal. Therefore the Wisdom reflections at the bottom of each page were randomly selected and aren’t necessarily correlated with the portraits of the participants shown above.

To participate: New Wisdom entries will be periodically added. Participants may also be photographed for the exhibit. This is optional and there is no charge to participate. If you’d like to share your Wisdom, several options follow.

  • Email me your Wisdom reflection via johnzeuliphotog@aol
  • Write me via PO Box 30172, Savannah, GA 31410
  • Request a Wisdom Journal for your reflection. Over thirty journals are circulating around the world. As they are returned I forward them on.

Enjoy The Wisdom Exhibit!